Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Businesses should learn from MyBarackObama

If you are in business and do not have a interactive communications strategy - you will be left behind...

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Obama Election Ushering In First Internet Presidency

Pioneering use of Web 2.0 and social-networking technologies by the president-elect's campaign has seemingly transformed politics, and could influence government as well.
perhaps a bigger change over the long term was the crowning of the Internet as the king of all political media. It was the end of the era of television presidency that started with JFK, and the beginning of the Internet presidency.
The Obama administration is expected to build on a foundation of grassroots support in his private social network, on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
"MyBarackObama was very much a key place,"

Obama's Internet candidacy should be a lesson for business as well, said Trippi, who does both political and business consulting on the use of the Internet. "You have to change your whole way of thinking," he said. "You're going to lose control of your brand to a large degree, unless you create networks to change your brand."

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