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Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS

Note that liver and kidney flushes are still necessary MMS has killed pathogens to flush toxins. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution.
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Candida, Leaky Gut, and MMS
Leaky gut is a real issue for many candida sufferers. Some believe that leaky gut is the cause of candida and should be treated before candida. I disagree. I believe canidda (and parasites) is the main cause of leaky gut. There could be other causes too (like use of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicine). But if you have candida, candida is the mostly likely cause. The mechanism of cause-effect: candida (and parasites) ==> toxic intestines ==> intestinal inflammation ==> leaky gut

Eradicating candida and eliminating inflammation in the intestines are the key to heal leaky gut. To help leaky gut heal faster, you may take glutamine and butter oil. Trying to heal leaky gut without getting rid of candida can not get you very far.

MMS kills both candida and parasites in the intestines ==> eliminate toxicity ==> reduce inflammation ==> leaky gut has a chance to heal.

I believe liver flush and kidney cleanse will be beneficia
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Epione's Daughter said...


I have been dealing with candida for longer than I can remember (having a MRSA infection treated with IVBP Vancomycin only served to expontentially compound the issue!). I also have severe heavy metal toxicities and debilitating GI issues and food intolerances.

My Chiro is going to have me start MMS. I'm kind of nervous to start it, for I've read that it is quite strong and produces some severe side effects. I'm also underweight (thanks to the GI issues and food intolerances), so I cannot afford to lose weight. However, all the issues I'm dealing with make it impossible to gain weight due to the malabsorption it causes, as well as the gastroparesis, constipation, GERD, no appetite/early satiety and repulsion to food.

Any thoughts about how I can maximize my treatment while taking MMS?

Any supplements I should take with this and any that I should avoid?

I have read about people taking MMS in capsules... how do they obtain this?

What should I do about my diet? My Chiro recommends a 40% protein/30% carb/30% fat diet. Any suggestions as to what to eat in terms of meal and snacks (I have a limited diet and cannot have dairy, red meat, wheat/gluten, peas, most grains except for rice, fruits, and sugars.

How long do I do MMS? What is the general protocol?

How long do I do a "candida diet?"

What supplements do I do AFTER the MMS? Should I continue the MMS at a "maintenance dose" and if so, for how long?

I really need help.... Ive tried everything and am praying this helps, for my quality of life is beyond sucky. :-(

Thanks in advance!