Thursday, February 5, 2009

Global warming causes Harsher Winters

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TV signal.

The reason that a radio signal travels much farther than a TV signal is that the radio signal is much weaker than the TV signal.

The same phenomena occur during winter in temperate regions, when a high-pressure system increases rigidity at, and just below, the ionosphere so that it deflects more heat-carrying rays; thus on bright sunny days in January the temperature is colder than it is during overcast low-pressure weather and why no one ever gets a suntan or sunburn in the dead of winter. When the high pressure dissipates, more heat is allowed to enter the atmosphere. High-pressure systems do not greatly affect heat entering the atmosphere during the summer since the rays carrying heat mainly hit the ionosphere head on.

That is how global warming contributes to colder winter temperatures and heavier snowfall. It's completely logical because it's real, but so difficult for conservative "minds" to grasp that they get the conclusion totally backward.
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