Thursday, March 5, 2009

Genetically modified crops: The latest scheme to take over the world

Pinky: What's wrong Brain??

Brain: War has become too long, too costly, and too unpredictable Pinky. The peasants are starting to dislike war and don't fall for the propaganda campaigns anymore.

Pinky: So what are we going to do now Brain??

Brain: The same thing we always try to do Pinky. Try to take over the world.

Control what the world eats and you control the world Pinky!!!
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powerful GM lobbyists and prominent politicians
claim that genetically modified crops have transformed Indian agriculture, providing greater yields than ever before

Village after village, families told how they had fallen into debt after being persuaded to buy GM seeds instead of traditional cotton seeds.

The price difference is staggering: £10 for 100 grams of GM seed, compared with less than £10 for 1,000 times more traditional seeds.

traditional varieties were banned from many government seed banks.

When crops failed in the past, farmers could still save seeds and replant them the following year.

But with GM seeds they cannot do this. That's because GM seeds contain so- called 'terminator technology', meaning that they have been genetically modified so that the resulting crops do not produce viable seeds of their own.

farmers have to buy new seeds each year
crops reached 9 percent of global primary crop
production in 2007, bringing the total GM land area up to 114.3 million
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