Sunday, May 17, 2009

Insurance Industry Breaks Promise To President Obama

That Didn't Take Long- 4 days.Still think they are interested in American people's welfare. Yes, it is time for government to regulate this out of control cash cow.

That Didn't Take Long: Insurance Industry Breaks Promise To President Obama

Clearly, the insurance industry, hospitals, and drug makers aren't interested in shared responsibility. They don't want to be squeezed a bit. The want to protect their profits so much that they show their two-faced nature: Standing next to the President of the United States, promising responsibility, and then backpeddling as fast as they can four days later.

That's why we need to make them do it. Voluntary agreements are not enough. We need regulation and we need real cost control, and that means a public health insurance option that will force these awful companies to earn their keep through stiff competition, something they've avoided for far too long.

They're liars. They're cheats. They're greedy. They're untrustworthy. They cannot be trusted to come up with a health care reform plan that works for you and me. We must make them do it.

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