Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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uploaded 12 videos to my video hosting site

Ron paul sites

notes to self:
vote at nrsc . org, gopstrawpolls . com

Check out pledgeronpaul . com, dailypaul . com

notes and tidbits CFR (Council on Foreign relations)

"The New World Order will be end
run on national sovereignty, eroding it piece
by piece will accomplish much more than the
frontal assault" CFR, Council on Foreign Relations

CFR Members: Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Hillary
Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, David
Rockefeller, Cheney, Condy Rice, B Clinton, Dodd,
Biden, Volcker

Google vid: Terrorstorm-2hr, America: Freedom to
Fascism-2hr, Loose Change-2hr & 'Walt Mearsheimer

...Ron Paul 2008 Call abc news radio 212-456-5100 ,ask nicely to be

transfered to abc news tv,let them know why you are calling.Once you are

transfered be very nice and ask to leave a comment for this week once

there prompt 844 to leave a comment.Let them know we all know Ron Paul

won the last 4 debates and ask nicely ,why they are covering it up,its

obvious that RON PAUL has won all the debates enuff is enuff.RON PAUL

2008 Colorado

Notes and tid bits

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