Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Politics and Policy

Denial and all it's forms is a state of mind and life for many Americans. The present state of affairs at home and abroad, has left Americans without peace or freedom. This is a huge evolving story that demands vigilance and change.
The council on foreign relations (cfr) has an inordinate number of members from the republicans and democrats alike. Ron Paul, and two others are not members, I believe that's it. Dr. Paul is against an interventionist or nation building policy. Translation is to less wars. Period. He's tired of the fiat money thing, knowing his economics . Someone, usually the next generation will pay. I don't think this is fair either. Not to mention the present power grap and trampling of the constitution by the executive branch (bush boys) is become dangerous to the principles of the founding fathers. That means totalitarian rule, too much government controlling people's lives is dangerous on many levels.
The neo (new) conservatives are not really new. The are from the far left of the democratic party. Ron Paul talks about the 'neo cons(convicts?) in a video found on the ron paul 2008 site. The man speaks the truth; he has delivered over 5000 babies. He's more about creating things, because he's been so close to creation at birth

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