Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blair gets peace prize

From the reaction of the Brits in the Daily Mail, I'd say they think this is about ridiculous as Obama getting his peace medal. Welcome to the New World Order, it's here. "We will tell you what you can believe."

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Tony Blair (the man many call a war criminal) awarded a medal by Bill Clinton for his 'resolution of conflicts' around the world

Bill Clinton on Tony Blair: Everyone makes mistakes
He took Britain into the ill-fated conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But last night Tony Blair was honoured in America with a medal, £64,000 prize and a banquet  -  for his services to peace.

The former Prime Minister was given the prestigious Liberty Medal in Philadelphia for his role in 'bringing liberty to people around the world'.

He joins the likes of Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev and former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who have all been awarded the medal, which has been given out every year since 1989.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair addresses the audience after receiving the 2010 Liberty Medal at the National Constitution Center September 13, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Friends reunited: The two former heads of state were in good spirits as they discussed Blair's contribution to freedom in the world
Mr Blair is awarded the Liberty Medal by Bill Clinton last night
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