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The Rockefeller Illuminati Bloodline

I remember Dad talking about the Rockefellers, their money & power. They owned property in Yonkers, N.Y and many other places. Of course the Rockefeller Illuminati bloodline controls far more than we realized. They donated the land in Manhattan for the United Nations building.



The first article about the House of Rockefeller in this newsletter
occurred in the Mid-Dec 1992 Vol. No. 13 Issue pp. 3-8. The primary focus
of that article was to show how the family controlled large segments of
the Protestant groups in the United States. A secondary focus of that
article was to show the Satanic occult side of the family. An attempt will
be made in this article not to rehash information given out in that
earlier article. The Rockefeller family has been so busy

The first notorious Rockefeller that researchers who are not working for
the Rockefellers refer to is William Avery Rockefeller (1810 -1906?).
William Avery Rockefeller was totally corrupt and lacked any type of
morals. He was involved in the occult and practiced magic. He married a
number of women around the country in bigamous relationships. He also had
a number of mistresses, and a large number of sexual partners. He was
charged with raping a women and escaped the state of New York to prevent
being sent to Jail for it. He stole, lied, and abused his way through
life. He wore the best of clothes, and he never lacked for money,
including gold coins. Besides loving women, he loved gambling. And where
did his money to gamble with come from? He made much of his money
dishonestly. His life Is a carbon copy of other men who are known by this
author to have been in the Illuminati. (The reader also needs to bear in
mind that the Illuminati carries out a large number of secret occult
marriages, which only insiders learn about.) One of his wives was Eliza
Davidson (181349). She was an extremely cruel woman. Historians who have
been bought off by the elite like to picture Eliza Davidson as a very
pious woman. Although she had a religious front, there are a number of
things in her life that show that she was not the paragon of virtue that
the paid-for historians have made her out to be. When she married William
Avery Rockefeller she moved in with him and his mistress.


William Avery Rockefeller had many bastard children, and it can be
imagined many children born for ritual or for the cult. His wife Eliza had
six children for him and of those John Davison Rockefeller is the infamous
one who brought the family into limelight. John D. Rockefeller in his
lifetime became on of the most powerful men in the world. One of the most
best kept secrets were his secret dealings with the other Illuminati
families. The Payseurs and other Illuminati families are all intimately
involved in the rise to power of the Rockefellers. The other factors
involved in John D. Rockefeller’s rise to power Is his utter
ruthlessness. He was willing to do anything for power. John o. Rockefeller
established the family in their principal estate at Pocantico Hills in New
York. I have lost the exact figure, but over 100 Rockefeller families live
at the private land of Pocantico Hills.


The Rockefellers have divested much of their holdings into places which
they control, but nominally they are not owners of. The Rockefellers
financial power Is far greater than the balance sheets would indicate.
Rockefellers can give donations from an organization which they control to
another that they control, and not lose any control over the money. The
donations look Impressive, but the Rockefeller bloodline hasn’t lost.
Have you ever noticed that Rockefeller’s Standard Oil uses the satanic
pentagram in a circle as their logo? Just three of countless Rockefeller
companies are Texas Instruments and General Electric, and Eastman Kodak.
The Rockefellers also control Boeing. This author (Fritz Sprlngmeier) has
repeatedly been given information from numerous sources about the occult
activities that are being perpetrated at the Boeing plants in the Seattle
area. Monarch programming has even taken place at a Boeing Plant. All
these things fit together when one gets the bigger picture and the inside
scoop. The Rockefellers also control Delta. Has anyone realized that the
Delta symbol is a very widely used satanic symbol? Is It any wonder so
many Illuminati and CIA, and world financiers, and people like Chuck
Colson (see the exposes on Chuck Colson in 93’s newsletters) use Delta
to fly on.
The Rockefellers have played a role in Lucis Trust and the United Nations.
Interestingly, you will notice that Prince Charles is the spokesperson for
Lucis Trust and also works with the United Nations in various ways. Prince
Charles Is from another satanic bloodline. Readers need to study my Be
Wise As Serpents book to see how Lucis Trust fits into things. The
Rockefellers were involved in the creation of the FBI, so that the FBI has
always been an arm of power for the Illuminati. That is why there are
official FBI programs in action today to kidnap children and provide them
for sacrifice. Yes, American people, the wolf was set in charge of
guarding the chicken coop. The organization that is working as part of the
FBI is the Finders. (The stink was so bad that US. News & World Report
did a story to soften the impact of the scandal. See the article on a
following page. Ex-Satanists who worked with the FBI to receive the
children the FBI kidnapped and sold to them for sacrifice have been trying
to get the word out publicly about the FBI’s corruption. When the
Illuminati was beginning to get exposed in the Franklin Saving & Loan
case in Lincoln, NE the FBI was part of the dirty actors and was part of
the cover up. The Rockefellers have had control over the FBI since they
helped get it started. When Congress wanted to investigate the CIA for
wrongdoing the appointed a Commission headed by Rockefeller to investigate
the CIA’s wrongdoings! Yes, the Rockefeller Commission did a big study
and slapped the hands of the CIA for a few misdeeds. Their report is still
cited as the big investigation of the CIA. Some investigation! Since the
Rockefeller family work hand in hand with the CIA to create Monarch
slaves, of course that part of the CIA’s misdeeds got overlooked!

A recent convert from Satanism, Michael McArthur, has given validated
inside information about the FBI and the CIA programs which kidnap
children in order to supply Satanic rituals with sacrificial material. The
names of the agents who spend their official government time kidnapping
children for Satanism that Michael knows about are as follows:

Chucky “Mike,” “Peters”-FBI hit man in Div, 5 of FBI, involved
with ins law case Nichol Harrah--FBI agent who abducts children for

Unda Krieg Satanist working for FBI

Ken Lanning FBI agent who abducts children for sacrifice
The Rockefellers have played key roles in the C.F.R. Rockefeller wrote the
book the Future of Federalism which supports the union of nations into a
world government. For many years the Rockefellers have been pouring
billions of dollars into projects and international groups which are
working to bring in a public One-World government. (The world already has
a secret One-World-Government.) The Rockefellers take part in decisions
that effect Russia, China and other parts of Asla and with good reason,
the House of Rockefeller has holdup and assets in these countries too.

The investigator of the Rockefellers will find that they have secretly had
their hand in the politics of the United States during the 20th century.
The decisions and directions this nation has taken, are the result of
countless orders which the Rockefellers have given to their underlings.
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