Friday, December 10, 2010

BP Oil & Chemical Spill 2010-Creating Flesh Eating Bacteria!
This is on the heels of the recent video from Jesse Ventura about the multinational corporations taking fresh water from American Great Lakes and sending to China!
This is a multi dimensional and multifront attack by the demonic factions behind the NWO Agenda, Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones etc.!
Synthetic Genomics Vaccines INc. (SGVI)
program a virus and spread it. Either die from virus or take the vaccine shot-which will only have temporary effects.
Looks like this maybe it... Craig Venter invents a Synthetic Life just a month after a laser blew up the Deepwater HORUS-Zion... It is Plugged on 7-11 (ritualistic sex magic) see:MataMoros Massacre/ Then Synthia is added to Corexit and dumped into the Gulf... It not only eats the Oil... It eats the steel as well! and a lil Human flesh while its at it... Then it gets into the Gulf Stream and heads North where it stops for a bite to eat on the TITANIC! Now they are going to put it into VACCINES!!!! It HASNOT BEEN ONE FULL YEAR SINCE IT's CREATION! So sure... Let's put it into the Vaccines next year!


Notice the name of his boat... The Sorcerer II He is a sea-faring man... Like the Tribe of DAN... Did you notice the GReen Dragon tattoo? Did you notice the NEW BANK?

We could be dealing with DEMONIC ENTITIES being invoked with SCIENCE... aka SEANCE... and now... They may very well be injected INTO YOU!... Looks like a Catch 22... Take the shot... or die...
This is

. do some research and let me know what ya think... and please spread this video so that MORE minds can work on this potential catastrophe...MARK OF THE BEAST THE REAL REASON FOR THE B.P OIL SPILL 2012

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