Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Red Alert-S. 510, food fascism, action required!

2. Visit, enter your zip code to find your Representative's name and phone number. CALL IT! Yes, the line may be busy. Keep trying. Give the person who answers this message: "I am calling to strongly opposed adopting the language of S. 510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act. This language is currently attached to 'CR/Food Safety House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3082 - Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011/FDA Food Safety Modernization Act'. I urge Representative [name] in the strongest possible terms to vote against this amendment and to oppose this language in any bill or amendment." The phone lines may be busy. Keep trying. This is literally an 11th hour attempt by Big Agribiz to control every bite you eat, and make sure it is to their liking, not yours. 3. Using Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, using your phone lists and your email contacts, get the word out, urging everyone you can contact to do the same: 1. Take the Action Item 2. Call the House of Representatives to deliver the message above 3. Take the message viral to THEIR contact and so on...
Your generous donations are urgently needed this Holiday Season to keep health and food freedom!
S. 510 IS VERY FAR FROM DEAD BUT OUR PRESSURE CAN KILL ITPUBLIC PRESSURE IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN KILL S. 510 Health Freedom Trustee Ralph Fucetola JD will be in Washington, DC today, Wednesday 12.08, meeting with Health and Food Freedom advocates and visiting Capitol Hill. We'll be Twitting all #foodfreedom #farmfreedomWatch for the YouTube!Tell Your Representatives What You Think...Our Automated System is easy to use. To Start Press Here: The Battle for Our Food Freedom Isn't Over Yet! BY HIDING S. 510 IN AN AMENDMENT TO AN AMENDMENT THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD PULL THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED WOOL OVER OUR FLUORIDATED EYES. THINK AGAIN!
...Blatantly Unconstitutional, S 510 Can Be KilledTAKE THE NEW ACTION ITEM NOW, VIRALIZE IT, TWEET IT, FACEBOOK IT NOWTELL BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE TO KILL S510, THE FOOD FASCISM BILL, whether it is a stand-alone bill, part of another "must pass" bill, or offered with a new name and number!
We will Twitter what is happening & with hashtags -#healthfreedom #foodfreedom #farmfreedom #NSF #DrRima #organic #noGMO #supplements
Message from General Bert "THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR FATIGUE! WE ARE IN THE ENDGAME OF THIS BATTLE AND WE ARE CLOSE TO A RESOUNDING VICTORY... By the end of any battle, both sides are exhausted, but the side that perseveres just a little longer... wins! That is where we are now, and that is why massive Push Back is more important now than before! We are flooding Congress with a clear message: Kill [the] Bill! Keep at it! Victory is within our reach. Keep pressing forward while you recruit your contacts to act with you now!" Wednesday's Update Dr. Paul's office was correct. The language of S. 510 is contained in an Amendent to an Amendment whch is currently before the House Rules Committee. Scroll down and down and down in the 423 page amendment and there will find the worst of S. 510 under a new name. Foundation Trustee Ralph Fucetola in in DC today to speak with leaders in the House about this vitally important issue. With him are others who know that pushback is effective - but that the push back MUST be massive. ...
Thank you all with love and appreciation. Remember:
"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty..."

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