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Balance your Chi with Ener-Chi Healing Art by Andreas Moritz

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Nurturing the Body, Mind, and Spirit

If healing is to be complete, lasting and purposeful it must occur simultaneously on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Foremost, it must take place at the very causal stages of imbalance where the seeds of dissonance first begin to sprout and later manifest themselves as discomfort, emotional distress, or disease. It is no longer sufficient to keep applying remedies that merely pacify the symptoms of dissatisfaction, emotional upset and physical illness. Our collective obsession with only fixing symptoms or solving problems, without regard to what is causing them, has led to enormous difficulties in almost every area of living. Yet, at the same time, we are at the threshold of a global transformation, where the original causes of any kind of malady that may be affecting an individual, or a society, are undeniably pushed to the surface, demanding our urgent attention. But this does not need to involve a struggle.

Most of us have already gone through various difficulties in life, and worked through a lot of karmic issues. Although we may not always recognize this, we have reached a point where we only deserve the very best in life. To be able to move forward and release the limitations we still feel are holding us back, we now have an opportunity to use one of the wonderful gifts that has recently been given from the spiritual realms. We have been blessed with a new system of enhancing health and well-being -- a new way to nurture our body, mind and soul. We have called it Ener-Chi Art.
How Does It Work?

Each part of the body, including each one of its trillions of cells, has its own auric field. The aura of the body, which is comprised of the numerous auras of its individual parts, goes beyond physical parameters, yet it influences physical life more than anything else. Our aura also affects the atmosphere of the Earth with specific encodements, both positive and negative. Thus, negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, and other experiential episodes get caught up in the ionosphere of the Earth, possibly triggering major global disturbances that affect the population, wildlife, and climate of the planet as a whole.

The effect of Ener-Chi Art spirals out from our "light body" to the universe. It cleanses the aura as well as the physical and mental bodies, and balances the Chi force throughout the body. Similar to the process of osmosis, it transports energy in and out of the body without any disruption. This effect occurs instantly and can be verified through a simple muscle testing procedure applied both before and after viewing the Ener-Chi Art pictures. It can also be made visible to the eye by taking auric photographs of the body.

Additionally, Ener-Chi Art has a uniquely beneficial effect on the genetic blueprint of the body -- the DNA. Research has shown that only a fraction of our DNA is currently active. Ener-Chi Art is designed to activate the codes within the DNA structure that are linked with total immunity to disease and full use of the body's enormous, but so far untapped, potential.

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