Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YouTube - George W Bush Cancels Visit to Switzerland over Fears of Arrest

He'll be heading for his bunker soon, very soon, hmm. How's that area (Paraguay) for underground bunkers? Bush has bought a large tract of land in Paraguay.I know they have one of the largest water aquifers there. How Ironic, the Oil man investing in water. Imagine that? Share, hmm?

He will be set up as the fall guy for the NWO when it goes down. It will too, very soon as well as many things. ~ Jeremiah Johnson
I could write this shit. We have not much time. I hope to share some light and love especially of the earth and animals.
Peace out
......♥ BE LOVE ♥....

PS Iroquois Confederacy is basis of U. S. constitution derived from Indian law. It's more about matriarchy and Russell Means speaks about this on my You Tube channel of the same name as this blog

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