Tuesday, October 21, 2008

$3 Trillion Shopping Spree

Get yours, play and win. Got to be in it to win it!!

$3 trillion shopping spree
clipped from www.youtube.com

The $3 Trillion Shopping Spree

clipped from 3trillion.org

The occupation of Iraq will cost $3 trillion, America's most expensive
conflict since WWII.

Can YOU spend that money better?

Here's your chance to go on a virtual $3 trillion shopping spree and prove it!

First watch the commercial on the left. Then browse our online store,
fill up your cart, click the checkout button, and send virtual gifts to everyone you know.

A private island fortress? Healthcare for all? Anything, and if you can't find it, add it yourself!

1.4 million people have gone shopping! Including
John Cusack,
Laurie David,
Phil Donahue,
Shawn Harris,
Sharon Lawrence,
Farhad Manjoo,
Eli Pariser,
Matt Stoller,
Gloria Steinem.

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