Friday, October 10, 2008

How low can McCain and Palin stoop in campaigning?

McCain and Palin's win at all cost mentality is very divisive for the country. Smearing the probable future president is not going to help this country get stronger or heal. The economy is near broken and we shall swim or sink as a nation. McCain and Palin just don't get it.

How low can McCain and Palin stoop in campaigning?

John McCain and Sarah Palin continue to campaign at some of the basest levels we’ve seen in recent years.  Sarah Palin now regularly throws “meat” to racist bigots that I’m embarrassed live in America. Does she believe that her best and maybe only hope of becoming V.P. at this point is to incite an assassination of Barack Obama?    The simple fact that she dresses it up in lipstick and says it with a smile doesn’t make it any better.

And John McCain continues to dwell on the fact that Barack Obama has served on non-profit boards with former Weatherman Bill Ayers, even though the two are not even close friends and Ayers is now a tenured professor in Chicago, Ayers been commended for his recent educational work, and got a Citizen of the Year award from the city of Chicago in 1997.  [Not to make light of the subject, but Jon Stewart nails what is going on.]

Let’s hope that Americans have greater common sense than to fall to McCain’s baiting.

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