Thursday, October 23, 2008

Periodontal Problems

Avoid Listerine.
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addition to good hygiene, a standard treatment for gum disease involves
unpleasant surgical scraping of the gums to reduce infection that can loosen
teeth and eventually cause them to fall out.  There are some excellent alternatives to gum surgery.  One is the blotting technique pioneered
by Dr. Joseph Phillips, DDS.  It is
simple, inexpensive and often works superbly.  For more information about it, call the International Oral
Health Society at (715) 839-9103.

dentists may also recommend nutritionally-based treatments that in many cases
can avoid gum surgery. 
Improving body chemistry often makes a
great difference in alleviating gum disease.
Ironically, some common mouthwashes
such as Listerine contain alcohol and other chemicals that irritate the gums.

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