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The Realities of Colony Collapse Disorder |A story of birds and bees.

The Realities of Colony Collapse Disorder |
What is Bee Assist Pro?
Our Friends the honey bees are having a difficult time maintaining their health despite a completely natural lifestyle. They continue doing exactly what nature has programmed them to do,
A great portion of our profits goes to research in aiding the bees.
building their hives, pollinating the world and making honey. However, in today’s world, little do the bees understand the problems with their innately natural functions that lie not only in their own performance but in the degradation of our/their environment.

Pesticides and toxins have the obvious effect of killing the honey bees that come in direct contact with them, but it does not stop with contact poisoning. There now exists a long list of diseases affecting the bee colonies from parasites to bacteria, viruses, fungi and genetically modified agriculture. Additionally, a little understood, fairly recent phenomenon called CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder in which worker bees in a colony seem to disappear.

In the case of CCD there are several theories which attempt an explanation to the cause, all of which seem to hold accountable one or more of the other disease forms mentioned.

In reality we must ask what is actually taking place. Parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi are integral players in the game of life. They exist in a natural balance with nature unless the delicate balance is somehow off set.

Genetically Modified agriculture contains altered genes that transfer to the bees through their food. These altered genes affect the micro organisms of the digestive tract of the honey bee which in turn directly affects the bees. We need to be clear here that what is being genetically altered in these crops is in an effort to make crops bug proof, infusing pesticides into their genetic structure while many depend on bees for pollination. These altered plants are now recognized as weakened in nature and by natural selection attract pests requiring heavier applications of pesticides.

Vanishing of the Bees - Trailer from Bee The Change on Vimeo.

Basically, what have here is the GMO food is weakening the bees along with other man made conditions. Bees are essential for 1/3 our food source according to some. Humans, wake up, mankind is in trouble and it starts with the bees.

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Lee said...

I find it very suspicious that the military is now involved in the research on colony-collapse disorder. More than suspicious, really, frightening.

A number of years ago, Military Intelligence Officer Milton William Cooper exposed a secret plan by a government faction to gain total control over the country by engineering a nationwide emergency, which would allow for the suspension of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He speculated that an epidemic spread by bees could be the artificial crisis. After publishing his findings, he was shot to death by a government agent.

C.C.D. could provide the military with the perfect smokescreen for the introduction of a human-killing strain to honeybee populations. I hope someone is investigating this possible link.